%100 Fix for Mac OS X Lion Does Not Remembering Wi-Fi Password

I encountered a strange issue where Mac OS X Lion stopped remembering a specific wireless network when my imac goes sleep or when i restart my imac. I googled some solutions about that but none of these worked. Than i tried to add my wifi network to Preferred Networks which is in System Preferences manually. And uh it worked :)

Solution is easy;

1-) Open your Network from System Preferences.
2-) Select Wi-Fi or AirPort from left tab.
3-) Open Advanced tab
4-) Check Remember networks this computer has joined.
5-) Remove your network in Preferred Networks if its exist.
6-) Click plus icon and add your network manually(Don’t forget to change Security to Your Wireless Security Encryption(Most of Wireless routers use WPA/WPA2 Personal or WPA) if your wifi has password protection.

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8 Responses to %100 Fix for Mac OS X Lion Does Not Remembering Wi-Fi Password

  1. at tenagra says:

    thanks so much. though my os didn’t have the exact same tabs, i was able to find where to choose a preferred network and to delete the one that kept popping up. thanks again–

  2. aristoggle says:

    Appears to work … thanks! Been trying to sort this bug out for a lonnnnng time.

  3. erick says:

    thanks this worked perfectly

  4. Anne says:

    I’ve been working on this problem for a couple of days now, and I was hoping this would be the one to fix it. It didn’t! We just got a new router, and we can connect, but have to do it manually; my Mac won’t remember our preferred network. Argh! Thanks, anyway.

  5. Jerome Bondoc says:

    This worked really grand. Thanks for this.

  6. Jerome Bondoc says:

    This worked really grand! Thanks.

  7. Jo Ann Miller says:

    OS X Mavericks: If your modem doesn’t connect automatically out of sleep. I have to “turn off” then “turn ON” Wi-Fi – find MY internet – Click it – and wait….. every time
    H E L P me Please

  8. Melissa says:

    I found something that worked for me:

    System Prefs
    Click ASSIST ME…
    Click ASSISTANT…
    Name your location something other than one you already have and click Continue
    Follow the process for setting up your network –

    VOILA. Worked for me.

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